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Welcome to Redhead Apothecary!

Welcome to Redhead Apothecary!

Redhead Apothecary was founded on the belief that in order to live a balanced life, our bodies should be in balance with nature. We begin our wellness journey by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals on and in our bodies. Nature is abundant with plants, herbs, and crystals that not only help to heal the body, but the mind and soul. We believe what is given to us by Mother Earth is all we really need to find our balance and start living a life that is harmonious and healthy. With deep Celtic roots, Redhead Apothecary embraces the Old-World rituals, traditions and practices for self-love, self-care, and spiritual growth. Our mission is to provide products that help balance us with nature while giving our clients a place they can feel good about supporting. All our products are ethically sourced and crafted. Everything we offer is chosen with great care and is garnered, handcrafted, hand poured & created with intention.

Blessed Be

Anna The Red

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