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Travel Soaps

Black Sheep Soap

Oakmoss and Aloe with light floral undertones. Contains activated charcoal.

Cherry Almond Soap

Roasted almonds and wild cherries. Contains ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.

Lavender Soap

Calming lavender that helps calm your mind and body.

Lemongrass Soap

Our original lemon scent. Our proprietary blend of sweet lemon and natural lemon oil with actual lemongrass!

Milk & Collagen Facial Soap

Celtic Breeze Soap

Fresh clean linen fragrance with hints of aloe vera.

Natural Soap

Contains nothing but raw soap ingredients. No dye, no fragrance.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap

Contains ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.

White Tea Mint Soap

Our favorite white tea fragrance blended with sweet peppermint oil. Contains peppermint leaves as an exfoliant.


Qty 1-50

$1.50 each

Qty 50-99

$1.20 each

Qty 100-149

$1.08 each

Qty 150 and over

$0.96 each

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