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Redhead Apothecary

Apothecary Natural Healing Kit

Apothecary Natural Healing Kit

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The Apothecary Herbs Starter Set is ideal for anyone interested in holistic healing, herbalism, or witchcraft. The 10mL glass jars are labelled with the herb name, making it easy to select the right herb for any healing ritual. The labels also feature a list of common uses on the back. Perfect for beginner and advanced herbalists alike, this set offers the perfect selection of herbs to boost any healing journey.

- Allspice Berries
- Bay Leaves
- Black Salt
- Black Pepper
- Chamomile Flowers
- Cinnamon Chips
- Coriander Seed
- Fennel Seed
- Garlic
- Himalayan Pink Salt
- Lavender Buds
- Mugwort
- Parsley Leaf
- Rose Petals
- Rosemary Leaves

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