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Celtic Peacock - Teapot 0.6L

Celtic Peacock - Teapot 0.6L

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■Made from 100% durable bone china, one of the highest quality ceramics used for tableware, our Teapot is a strong, chip-resistant, and long-lasting addition to any tea lover's collection.
■The teapot's borders feature intricate never-ending knot work, which is a symbol of eternity and the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.
■This beautiful teapot is decorated with a classic Irish design featuring interwoven Celtic knot patterns in rich green, blue, yellow, and red accents. The pattern is inspired by 9th century Irish manuscripts originally illustrated with paint on velum or calf skin parchment to spread the Gospels.
■The teapot is made of New bone china, which is both elegant and highly durable, able to withstand daily tea brewing and fluctuations in temperature. The classic white china creates a blank slate that allows the Irish design to stand out in rich relief.

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