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Redhead Apothecary

Four Corners Home Blessing

Four Corners Home Blessing

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Looking for some extra protection for your home? We have just the thing. These Four Corners Home Blessing Jars are placed in the corners of your home; North, East, South, West. They are small enough to be hidden away on a bookshelf or ledge, but are still handcrafted with beauty in mind as well for those who want to show them as decor. Our intention jars are a great way to be reminded of your intentions! The jars are filled with crystals and herbs that correspond to a certain purpose. Simply place the jar in an area where you will see it, and it acts as a reminder to you. These are like the “Vision Boards” that people make to help them focus on their goals. At Redhead Apothecary, we believe that by focusing our minds on our intentions, it helps us find ways to reach our goals.

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