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Immune Booster Kit

Immune Booster Kit

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This kit contains herbs and supplies to make a tincture that supports a healthy immune system. Kids even approve the taste! Formerly called Children's Cold & Flu.


Approximate Yield

Full:  60 fl. oz. 

Half:  30 fl. oz.



Echinacea leaf, Echinacea root, Elderflower, Yarrow flower, Peppermint leaf, Nettle leaf



Full Size

Option 1: 80 fl. oz. vodka

Option 2: 40 fl. oz. vodka, 40 fl. oz. glycerin

Option 3: 60 fl. oz. glycerin, 20 fl. oz. distilled water

Half Size

Option 1: 40 fl. oz. vodka

Option 2: 20 fl. oz. vodka, 20 fl. oz. glycerin

Option 3: 30 fl. oz. glycerin, 10 fl. oz. distilled water



Full:  4 oz Glass bottle with dropper  Half: 2 oz. Glass bottle with dropper

Straining cloth

Instruction card


Dosing information

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