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Loose Leaf Irish Afternoon Tea

Loose Leaf Irish Afternoon Tea

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Our traditional Irish Afternoon Loose Leaf tea should not be missing from any Irish household! This tea blend finely combines a wide variety of refreshing herbs, making it the perfect accompaniment for any afternoon snack or meal. The tea comes in a qualitative metallic canister that can be reused for future loose-leaf tea or anything else. It has a net weight of 0.08 pounds and a gross weight of 0.20 pounds (loose-leaf tea).

Besides the unique aroma, what makes this Irish piece even more special is its culturally-inspired design - it beautifully combines modern Irish designs with ancient Celtic patterns. The intertwined and sophisticated Celtic designs symbolize eternity and continual change.

This Irish Afternoon Tea makes a great addition to any tea lover’s collection due to its refined taste and cultural authenticity.

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