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Shamrock Spiral - Teapot 0.6L

Shamrock Spiral - Teapot 0.6L

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■ Made from 100% durable bone china, one of the highest quality ceramics used for tableware, our Teapot is a strong, chip-resistant, and long-lasting addition to any tea lover's collection.
■The teapot measures 5 inches H (12.5 cm), 7.8 inches W ( 20 cm), and has a capacity of 22 fl oz (0.65 lt), making it perfect for serving tea to a small group of friends or family.
■In the center of the teapot is a golden shamrock with a triple spiral, representing the three fundamental forces of nature: earth, water, and air. The shamrock is also a symbol of good luck in Irish culture. Underneath the shamrock, the word "Ireland" is written in a beautiful Celtic font, paying homage to the country's rich history and traditions.
■The teapot's borders feature intricate never-ending knot work, which is a symbol of eternity and the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

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