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Indigo Guinea Fiber

Tall Hats

Tall Hats

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Maple Hats are made with 100% superwash merino wool that is hand dyed by Lindsey and machine knit into a double layered beanie style hat for you! Tall size hats are recommended as a larger size or for a deep brim style! They also come in a Sapling size (infant to 3) and a Standard size (for approx age 3 and up) .


These hats may fit tight in the beginning, but the fabric will stretch within a couple wears, to be more flexible and loose. Being superwash means these can  be tossed in a washing machine on a gentle cycle BUT lay flat to dry only! And like with any new article it is recommended to add a color catch sheet the first time to hold any remaining dye your soap may pull out that didn't come loose after dyeing.

*If you have a leather tag or pom pom please remove those before washing as well!

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